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Are you a Hemp Lively Reseller yet? If not, register for a Hemp Lively Wholesale Account today and take advantage of hundreds of quality CBD, Hemp, Delta 8, and Delta 9 THC products. Whether you own a Chiropractic Office, Smoke Shop, Convenient Store, Gas Station, Vape Shop, Doctor’s Office, Supplement Shop, Health Food Store, or a Cannabis eCommerce site, Hemp Lively manufactures the perfect combination of hemp-derived CBD and THC products for all of your customer’s needs.

We’ve just completed our yearly pricing adjustments and are proud to announce the addition of a 4th pricing discount tier, Lower Minimum Order Amounts to reach all 3 top discount tiers, and the addition of hemp-compliant Delta-9 THC Gummies (10mg THC/30mg CBD) and Wholesale HHC Gummies and HHC Tinctures. Our Tier 1 starting Wholesale Prices are approximately 60% off Retail and Tier 4 can increase to almost 80% off Retail. Quality Products and Amazing profit margins, all from your trusted hemp product manufacturer (since 2016). Thank you for choosing Hemp Lively’s Wholesale Program. If you have any questions or need help ordering, please contact us at (850) 299-9624.


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Introducing Hemp Lively’s Wholesale Program

Businesses Love Hemp Lively


Chiropractors 🟢 Ecommerce 🟢 Vape Shops 🟢 Therapists 🟢 Retail 🟢 Health Store 🟢 Smoke Shops 🟢 Convenient Stores 🟢 Supplement Shops 🟢 Gyms 🟢 Nursing Homes 🟢 Entrepreneurs 🟢 Kiosks 🟢 & …

Hemp Lively’s Wholesale program is a perfect solution for Retail Stores, Medical Facilities, and eCommerce Site owners across the USA. Whether you are just starting out or selling thousands of products per day, we have a solution for you. Our Signup Process is quick and easy so you can be up and running in less than a day. All Hemp Lively Wholesale Products do not have any Minimum Purchase Requirements and we offer 4 Discount tiers based on Total Order Amount. Open a Hemp Lively Wholesale Account today and start selling Hemp Lively, your trusted hemp product manufacturer.

Wholesale Account Signup

If you own a business and are interested in becoming a Hemp Lively Reseller, Sign up for a Wholesale Account today.  The signup process is quick an easy.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Existing Business: such as a Chiropractic Office, Medical Facility, Health Store, Vape Shop, Smoke Shop, or an online Ecommerce Website.
  • State Registered Entity: LLC, Corporation, or Sole Proprietor (must be registered)
  • EIN Number: Federal Tax ID Number
  • Description of your Business: What type of business do you have, what products you’re interested in, and how do you plan on selling these products? eg. Online, In store, Wholesale, Retail, etc.

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a call from a dedicated Hemp Lively Wholesale Account Representative who will answer any questions you have and send you our Wholesale Product Catalog with Wholesale Pricing.  Upon completion of the conversation, will activate your Hemp Lively Wholesale Account.

Wholesale Pricing

We offer 4 Discount Wholesale Pricing Tiers with NO MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirements to purchase at Tier 1.  Tiers 2-4 have significant discounts and require a Minimum Order Amount (MOA) which is the total of everything in your cart at that tier’s pricing.  Mix and Match as you like.  Ordering is done through our website and each tier’s discounts will automatically apply. 

Discount Pricing Tiers

  1. Wholesale Discount Tier #1: $0 – No MOA (approximately 60% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  2. Wholesale Discount Tier #2: $1,500 MOA (approximately 67% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  3. Wholesale Discount Tier #3: $2,500 MOA (approximately 74% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  4. Wholesale Discount Tier #4: $5,000 MOA (approximately 78% off retail excluding Skin Care)


Buy Hemp Lively Products Wholesale to sell at your

  • Chiropractic Office

  • Medical Facility

  • Gym

  • Health Store

  • Smoke Shop

  • Vape Store

  • Convenient Store

  • Ecommerce Business


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Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying:

Donald B.
Donald B.

We have always had great service. Even when a bottle was cracked. Replaced with no problems

8 months ago

Great customer service when needed and always quality products.

11 months ago

Great service great people great gummies, infused not sprayed on. Legit products right here in the good ol usa, prices are good too, lots of 20 percent off codes.

1 year ago
Kathy H.
Kathy H.us

Fast delivery and everyone I’ve talked with is helpful, friendly and really nice! I recommend HempLively 100%!!

1 year ago

Order and delivery is painless, timely and well-organized, but the gummies can still melt in hot weather during shipping. This will be less of a problem in the fall and winter, but I’ve had to use a knife to portion out doses after a melt event before. Not a dealbreaker but should be noted before buying if you live in a hot area.

1 year ago

Best product out there

1 year ago
David K.
David K.us

Thank you so very much!

2 years ago
Sherry Beck
Sherry Beck

Easy to order and review gummies

2 years ago
Aaron K.
Aaron K.

Help Lively has always had a good selection of products with the highest quality. No complaints. Our customers can’t get enough 🙂

2 years ago
Michelle Lubow
Michelle Lubow

Great customer service as well as fast delivery!

2 years ago

Great service every time

2 years ago
Joe Yarbrough
Joe Yarbrough

Personal assistance makes hugh difference

2 years ago

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- FAQ -

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. 🤔 We answered.

eCommerce 420 CBD & THC products?

Unfortunately no.  Our Pricing discount tiers range from 60% to 78% off retail and some of our weekly coupons are much more than the remaining margin.  

Yes. Shipping is FOB from Niceville, FL and is paid at checkout on our website.  

We ship Monday-Friday same day if order placed by 10AM EST.

A good rule of thumb for CBD products is approximately 20-25mg per 100lbs in weight.  Generally speaking anyone under 150lbs should take one 25mg CBD gummy or 1 dropper full of the 600mg CBD Oil.  Anyone over 150lbs should take 1-2 CBD Gummies per day or 1 dropper of the 1200mg CBD Oil.  

Graphic & Web Design

Are you ready to get your new Brand off the ground?

Hemp Lively is here to help with some turnkey solutions to help launch your new brand.  Whether its a simple logo design or a Full Branding Package with Logos, Label Design, and 3D Digital Product Images combined with a turnkey Business-in-a-Box Ecommerce Website, we have the solution you need.  With extremely short turnaround times, we can have you up and running in no time.  We’ve been in the industry since 2016 and know the best cannabis-friendly compliant solutions for all your graphic and web design needs.  Speak to a design consultant today by signing up for Private Label Account.  Or, give us a call at (850) 299-9624 and ask for David McGinnis. 

Logo Design

Need a snazzy Logo for your new cannabis company? No problem.

Logo Design Services

Logo Design Service with unlimited revisions are $100. To order this service, please contact us at (850) 299-9624

Label Design + Digital 3D Product Image

Do you need label artwork for your Hemp Lively Private Label products?

Product Label Design Services

Our graphic design team will design an eyecatching label for your new product AND will include a digital 3D Product Image with your new label digitally wrapped around the bottle. Copies of both the Label and 3D Product Image will be sent to you upon completion to use on your website or for any other marketing. Labels will include you logo, a color scheme to match your logo and other company branding, all required disclosures, a custom QR Code, UPC Code, and your company's contact information.

All this for only $25 per label or 25 labels for $500 ($20 ea). To order this service, please contact us at (850) 299-9624

Ecommerce Web Design

Do you need a Custom Ecommerce Website for your New Brand?

Cannabis Web Design Services

Web Design services are available in 3 Ecommerce Packages, brought to you buy BizECS (Business Ecommerce Solutions). Each site is custom made using high-converting, lead-capturing, easy-marketing, and sales-generating automation, all built into one dashboard. Each site is also integrated with all the compliance measures you'll need for age verification and shipping restrictions. No two sites are alike. To speak to a web developer about your next ecommerce site, call David McGinnis at (727) 678-2593.

Cannabis-friendly Business Contacts


We’ve found the best in the business and are happy to share them with you.

CBD Merchant Processing

Credit Card Processing for Hemp, CBD, & Delta 8 Companies

Hemp 💳 CBD 💳 THC 💳 Delta 8 💳 HHC

We put the $ervice in Merchant Service

Better Rates. Better $ervice. Savings Guaranteed.

It’s no secret our competitors have given our industry a bad name.  If your current payment processing agent is a 1-800 number, you’re new to the cannabis space, you’ve had your account shut down by Square/Stripe/Shopify/Wix (just to name a few), your current gateway won’t allow recurring payments, your interest rate is through the roof, or you’ve been denied because you sell Delta 8, then you have come to the right place.  

Merchant Service $ervice (MS$) is here to provide your CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis company with compliant merchant processing for your eCommerce site or retail store.  With almost a decade of Hemp and CBD merchant processing, we know and understand your business and have credit card processing solutions to match.  We partner solely with established cannabis-friendly USA Banks, so you don’t run into any issues once you’re up and running.  Plus, by partnering with MS$, you’ll have a dedicated agent and 24/7 merchant support. ‍

“I’ve worked with Bruno for 4 years now.  He is the most knowledgeable Merchant Processing Agent I’ve ever dealt with, especially when it comes to CBD and Delta 8.  Total transparency, no hidden junk fees, great rates, and the best customer service I’ve seen in any industry.  If you’re looking to do things right (and save money), MS$ should be your only call.  Other merchant processors are just a waste of time.  At Hemp Lively, we proudly refer all of our Wholesale and Private Label customers to Merchant Service $ervice.”

David McGinnis, Director of Operations, Hemp Lively

hand holding a CBD Credit Card Processing Card over a laptop and Hemp lively Logo on screen

Start your application by clicking the link below.  You will receive a call from your dedicated agent the same or next business day. 

CBD Credit Card Processing Image of two hands one holding a cannabis leaf and the other holding a CBD Credit Card Processing Credit Card from Merchant Service ervice

Product Liability Insurance

Insurance to Protect your Company, Brand, & Assets
Cannaspace Insurance Group Logo

Product insurance is very important in any cannabis business, especially those selling psychoactive products such as Delta 8.  Hemp Lively carries our own product insurance policy, however this policy will not cover your brand.  We highly recommend getting your own Product Liability Insurance prior to starting your business.

Please reach out to Richard for an official application. His contact information and link to applying is below. Let him know we sent you.

Free Cannabis Business Insurance Quote

VIDEO: Here’s How Cannabis Business Insurance Works

Learn how to protect your Hemp Company with Cannabis Business and Product Liability Insurance.  Give us a call today for a Free Insurance Quote.