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Wholesale Hemp Lively Hemp Oils and Hemp Gummies will now come in aPOP/POS Countertop Display boxfor orders that have at least 12 of the same Hemp Oil or Hemp Gummies. If you currently have Hemp Lively inventory, and would like some of these for your store, OR YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please callDavid McGinnis@ (850) 299-9624 or send a text message to (727) 678-2593.

Hemp Lively Wholesale Hemp Products

Welcome to Hemp Lively Wholesale Shop!

MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNTS (MOA) ARE NOW IN EFFECT, NO EXCEPTIONS. Moving forward everyone will have access to all of the 3 pricing tiers which apply to 90% of our products. Some exceptions apply.

Tier 1 Wholesale: NO MOA = 60% Off Retail
Tier 2 Distributor: $3,000 MOA = 70% Off Retail
Tier 3 Master Distributor: $10,000 MOA = 78%-80% Off

All Wholesale and PL partners will see Tier 1 by default. As soon as your cart reaches Tier 2s MOA of $3,000, all the product prices will be adjusted 25%-30% down AUTOMATICALLY. This means that your cart will actually go above the next tier’s MOA and then lower once you’ve reached the next level. eg. At the Wholesale Tier, you’re cart will reach around $4500 before you hit the Distributor Pricing. Once you do the Product Price will then adjust and you will see your cart go back down to around $3,000 to reflect the new tier.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE PRODUCT PRICE ADJUSTMENT ON THE INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT PAGE, YOU WILL SEE IT ON THE CART & CHECKOUT. If you need immediate help click on the Chat Icon at the bottom right of the screen and put your Name & Phone/Email. This goes to one of our staff’s cell phone. If you do not receive an immediate response, someone will always contact you back within an hour anytime 8am-9pm EST, 7 DAYS A WEEK!