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What is Green Monday

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is in the top 3 busiest retail shopping days in the United States.

When is Green Monday?

It is usually the second Monday in December.  More specifically, it is defined as the last Monday in December with at least 10 days prior to Christmas.

Wait. “How is that possible? I haven’t heard of it?”

Why is it called Green Monday?

Well, in 2007, eBay executives coined the phrase after they realized it was the most profitable day of the year.  I’m assuming the Green has to do with the color of dollar bills..

On a Monday?  That’s right.  After doing some research, eBay realized that the second Monday in December was the last day that people were able to ensure their package would arrive before Christmas.  Think about it.

Most likely, you’ve waited, like everyone else, till the last possible minute to finish your Christmas shopping and you need to ensure that it arrives at your door in time.  Ergo, about two weeks before Santa comes which happens to fall on the second Monday.  Why on a Monday instead of a Saturday?

I haven’t the slightest clue.  However, it’s been consistently in the running with Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year consistently hitting over $1B dollars nationwide in Green Monday every year without fail.

Is Green Monday a Cannabis Holiday?

It sure is at Hemp Lively at least.  BOGO DEALS ALL DAY with Coupon Code “GREEN”.  However, Green Monday is really a huge online shopping day similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  In fact, Green Monday is also known as “Cyber Monday II”