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Hemp Lively Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Delta 8, CBD, Hemp, Delta 9 THC, & HHC.

White Label Hemp Gummies, Tinctures, Vape Carts & Pens, and Topicals.

Hemp Lively’s Turn-Key Private Label solution is available for approved partners at very competitive pricing and an entire staff dedicated to our private label partners.  We manufacture Hemp Tinctures, Vape Carts, Disposable Vape Pens, Infused Hemp Gummies (packaged and bulk), Hemp Pet Oil, Hemp Skin Care Products  All Hemp Lively products are manufactured in the USA and made from Colorado hemp grown at the Hemp Lively Farm in Parachute, CO.

We are one of the few Hemp Manufacturers that control the entire process From Seed to Sale.  We grow our own hemp and manufacture all of our products in the Hemp Lively manufacturing facility.  The secret to our success is our Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp-Oil concentrates, professionally formulated product solutions, 3rd party lab testing and reporting standards and our quality manufacturing procedures. 


A Turnkey Manufacturing Solution for Cannabis Companies Big and Small.

Hemp Lively’s Private Label program is a TURNKEY solution for Cannabis Companies big and small.  Whether you are just starting out or shipping thousands of products per day, we have a solution for you.  Our Signup Process is quick and easy so you can be up and running in less than a day.  Most of our products do not have a Minimum Order Quantity giving you the flexibility to broaden your product line without the burden of ordering thousands of products.  Our Private Label Pricing Tiers are based on the MOA (Minimum Order Amount), aka the TOTAL ORDER AMOUNT of all products in your cart.  This way, you’ll receive discounts on all products purchased instead of just the ones you bought a bunch of.  If we keep the product in stock, there is no MOQ.  We also offer paid services for websites, label design, and 3D digital product images.  We can also provide you, free of charge, copies of label templates and specifications once your Private Label Account is approved.

Included in your Private Label Guide are Product Specifications, Packaging Options, Private Label Pricing, Ordering Instructions, Product Liability Insurance Recommendations, and our current manufacturing license.  If, you have any questions, please reach out to your account representative at (850) 848-1118 or (850) 299-9624.  Thank you for choosing Hemp Lively and we look forward to working with you.

PRICING TIERS                                                                

We have 4 pricing tiers which are based on Minimum Order Amounts (MOA), the total of all products in your cart.  This means you can combine different products and the total of these products needs to meet the MOA for each tier (at that Tier’s pricing) to receive the discount on all products.  On the Private Label Pricing Sheet, you will see the following 4 tiers plus a suggested Retail Price.


  • Discount Tier #1: $0 – No MOA (approximately 60% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  • Discount Tier #2: $1,500 MOA (approximately 67% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  • Discount Tier #3: $2,500 MOA (approximately 74% off retail excluding Skin Care)
  • Discount Tier #4: $5,000 MOA (approximately 78% off retail excluding Skin Care)
Minimum Order Amounts

Private Label Packaging Options

Private Label Packaging Tinctures 2 pdf image
Private Label Packaging Gummies 2 pdf image
Private Label Packaging Vapes 2 pdf image
Private Label Packaging Skin Care 2 pdf image
Private Label Process

Our Process from Seed to Sale


Once harvested, the biomass is full panel lab tested to ensure quality standards such as moisture levels and its free of Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents and Pesticides.  The hemp is immediately brought to the CO2 extracting facility where it’s transformed into the quality Phytocannabinoid Rich Concentrates we use in all of the Hemp Lively products.

The concentrates are then 3rd Party Lab tested for potency at Desert Valley Testing, one of the industry’s leading testing facilities and who’s testing and reporting standards and practices far exceed anyone in the industry.   The COAs (lab results) are sent along with the concentrates to the Hemp Lively Manufacturing Facility for Storage, Formulation and Production.

HEMP LIVELY’s business revolves around our reputation for quality product standards.  We go above and beyond with 3rd party lab testing every product a minimum of 2 times and guaranteed Phytocannabinoid concentration accuracy of less than a 9.9%.

Product Labels always contain a Batch# & Lot# which document parts of a chain of custody tracing all the way back to the USA Hemp Harvest it originated from.

We utilize QR Codes to electronically link customers directly to that product’s specific COA. All products of different type and/or concentrations made from the same lot of hemp concentrate are always retested for potency without exception.  Lastly, an expiration date and UPC code is placed on the label along with any disclosures or information requested by the customer.

Proudly, our fulfillment team finishes the packaging and distribution to resellers and customers around the country.

Why partner with HEMP LIVELY?

Quality is our main focus at HEMP LIVELY and we partner with like-minded companies that understand these products are truly helping people.   From a business perspective we know that low quality products equal a larger profit and usually only one sale because there are very few return customers.

However, selling quality hemp products for a fair price that truly work has the ability not only help people but create a loyal customer.  Now, add in a few seconds of your time or some simple marketing materials to educate them about your products, how to take them and that it will take 1-2 weeks for the Phytocannabinoids to build up in your system and now you’ve empowered them with accurate knowledge and may have just got a smiling repeat customer for life.

What do you mean “Time is running out”?

Let me elaborate on the opportunity at hand and really explain why Time is of the essence in this fast-growing industry.

Customers that have discovered the potential benefits of Hemp Oil, unfortunately have usually gone through several brands of Hemp OIl to find the “one that works”.

That’s a phrase I’ve heard more times then I’d like to admit because the statement that follows is always… “Honey, I’m sure your products are amazing, but it was a long hard road finding one I’m taking now.  It’s changed my life so much that I’d never even try something different just for a slight improvement.  I’m happy with this and I’ll take it the rest of my life.”

Wow, Imagine that… a customer for life.  However, once a person has found “THE ONE THAT WORKS”, they’re no longer a potential customer.

I know this to be true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes with HEMP LIVELY’s website.  I’ll speak to a customer on the phone and see their name on the order screen every month following, especially with our Full Spectrum products.  In the last year, I have yet to have a customer I’ve spoken with try a Full Spectrum GOLD tincture and not return every month, time and time again.  What an amazing opportunity!

What products do we manufacture?

  • Hemp Tinctures: 10ml-30ml, 100-3000mg+, 6+ Flavors, 3 Phytocannabinoid Profiles
  • Vape Carts & Disposable Vape Pens: 1ml 800mg+, Delta 8 THC and HHC
  • Hemp Infused Gummies: 5mg 10mg 15mg or 25mg, 4-120ct Packaged or Bulk 3,000-2.5million, 2 flavors/colors, 2 shapes (cubes or stars), Delta 8, Full Spectrum CBD, Delta 9 THC, or HHC.
  • Hemp Oil for Pets: Pet safe hemp tinctures
  • Full Spectrum CBD Topicals: Lotion, Massage Oil, Relief Salve, Bath Bombs


ALL Products come in 3 different Phytocannabinoid Profiles:

  • Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC): Guaranteed to contain 5-8 different Phytocannabinoids per product, less than 0.3% TCH and some combination of the remaining Phytocannabinoids which may include CBG, CBC and/or CBN.
  • Broad Spectrum (Zero THC): Guaranteed to contain between 3-5 different total Phytocannabinoids.  This is the same Phytocannabinoid Rich material as the full spectrum Hemp concentrate however, to remove ALL of the THC, the material is run through an additional extraction process which brings the THC levels down to 0.0%.  A result of the additional extraction process is that it also burns off some of the other Phytocannabinoids while removing the THC which also causes an increase in the price for these products.  The result is a Multiple-Phytocannabinoid THC-Free Hemp Oil, superior to anything on the market and with 100% assurance and lab tests proving Zero THC.
  • Isolate: Made with over 99% pure Isolate.  No other Phytocannabinoids.  Zero THC.  Most Hemp oils on the market today are made only from Isolate due to its cost and consistency.  However, the majority of the Isolate comes from overseas where there are no farming regulations and guidelines.  Hemp Lively’s Isolate is extracted from our USA grown hemp.

Packaging Options

Our standards for packaging include Child proof/resistant bottles, tamper proof seals, marked measurement pipettes and more!  We even go the extra mile to ensure your customer’s satisfaction by adding 10-17% extra Phytocannabinoids in every product including our Full Spectrum infused Gummies.  WOW!

We have, in stock, the following packaging options, however, any custom packaging is always an option and can be completed with 2-4 weeks lead time.

Hemp Tinctures and Vapes

  • Glass Dropper bottles: 15ml,30ml in Cobalt Blue, Clear, Amber and Black.
  • Dropper tops: Black 1ml with clear glass 1ml pipettes with 1/4ml measurement markings and a tamper proof seal combined with shrink wrap

Hemp Gummies

  • 3.5” x 5.5” Metallic Foil Zip lock bags with transparent backs and tear away seals
  • Clear plastic Jars: 2 sizes that hold 10-12 gummies or 30 gummies
  • White Child Proof lids combined with shrink wrap
  • Bulk Gummies will be delivered 500ct bags

Vape Cartridges

  • Premium Cartridges
  • White
  • 100% Ceramic (no clogging)
  • Clear Packaging with Labels on Front and Back

Disposable Vape Pens

  • Modern Unique Vape Pens
  • White
  • Clear Packaging with Labels on Front and Back

Lab Testing & COA Standards

Potency test COAs come with every product and concentration.  Same COA used for all flavors.  All COAs show the calculated amount of each Phytocannabinoid advertised on the product label along with the % of THC (if applicable).

CUSTOM COA’s with your company’s name and logo are available and can be provided instead of a HEMP LIVELY COA.   HEMP LIVELY COAs come free of charge with every order.  Custom COAs are $60 ea.  We also will provide you with a digital 3d product image to go on the custom COAs free of charge.

If the COA falls below 10% of the label claim, we will reformulate your products and retest prior to bottling and you will not be charged for that custom lab test.  We guarantee a maximum of a 10% variation from label claim for all Hemp Products.

Payment and Shipping Terms
  • 50% DOWN / 50% Prior to shipping
  • Wire or electronic transfer only.
  • Shipping FOB from our manufacturing facility in Niceville, FL (pickup also available)
  • Labels can either be printed onsite at no cost on paper gloss labels using standard sizes OR can be custom made by a 3rd party (MOQ and premium may apply)
  • Private Label agreement must be signed prior to purchase
  • Hemp Lively COA comes with every product type and concentration
  • Free QR Codes for each product
  • Custom COAs with your company’s’ logo and product image can be added to your order at any time for $60 per COA.
  • Hemp Lively can also provide assistance with web development, marketing materials, sales training and more.

Hemp Lively invites you to become our partner and discover the difference of what quality should be.

Welcome to Hemp Lively!

Click on any product type below to filter.  Your selection will show in red.  Click the active filter a second time to deselect.


Bulk gummies are unpackaged gummies sold in 500ct gummy bags ready for packaging into your own branded products.  Bulk gummy pricing is based on a minimum order quantity.  Please see our pricing sheet for the pricing tiers.  We have pricing tiers depending on the MOQ at thresholds of 500, 5000, 10k, 40k, and 120k gummies.   There are a few gummies that we keep in stock and therefore, only have a MOQ of 500 gummies.  All other gummy types, flavors, strengths, etc. will have a 40,000 MOQ.   The Gummies we keep in stock are:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD 10mg & 25mg Strawberry, Red, Star-Shaped
  2. Delta-8 THC Gummies 25mg, Star-Shaped, Infused, Choice of 3 Flavor (Colors): Strawberry (Red), Blue Razz (Blue), Tropical Punch (Purple), Cubes & Stars
  3. Delta 9 THC Gummies 10mg Tangerine Cubes
  4. HHC Gummies 25mg Watermelon Cubes (and occasionally stars)

BULK GUMMIES: All bulk gummy orders must be placed in increments of 500 gummies. 

For gummies IN STOCK, the MOQ is only 500.  If we have to custom make then, the 40,000 MOQ applies.

How are CBD Gummies made? – WATCH US IN ACTION!

Gummy Specifications and Options are as follows:

  • Cannabinoid Profile Options: Whole Plant/Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD (THC Free), CBD Isolate, Delta-8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and HHC
  • Flavor options: Strawberry | Watermelon | Blue Razz | Tropical Punch | Tangerine
  • Color Options: Red | Green | Blue | Purple | Orange
  • In-Stock Gummies MOQ = 500 gummies, All Other Gummies MOQ = 40,000 gummies. Gummies must be purchased in increments of 500 gummies as they are prebagged in 500 counts.
  • Type: Infused – NOT SPRAYED ON OR ROLLED. 
  • Size: approximately 2.6g/gummy except for Delta 9 THC Gummies (3.6g)
  • Shape: Star, Cubes, Fruit Slices
  • Types: gelatin: bovine (kosher) or Pectin/Gelatin Blend, Full Pectin
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Melting Point: passed standard uninsulated standard mail test.
  • Mold Issues: absolutely none – test samples can be put in a container with another moldy substance and left there for weeks and will not mold.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin or Pectin or Gelatin/Pectin, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Artificial & Natural Flavoring, Pigment, Hemp Extract, Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Fractionated Coconut Oil (contains coconut), Carnauba Wax.
  • COA provided with every order



Small orders will be shipped USPS or FEDEX.  Larger order will be shipped in insulated coolers with icepacks.  Air controlled shipping may be required depending on time of year and destination. 

FREIGHT SHIPPING: FOB from Niceville, FL 32578 ***Pallet pickup will require a lift gate. ***

H Lively LLC (dba Hemp Lively) is a licensed CBD and Food Manufacturer in FL.  Food Entity #391667

Bulk Gummies

Buy Hemp Gummies in Bulk, ready to package and sell as your brand.  Buying bulk gummies has never been easier with Hemp Lively’s bulk gummy manufacturing service.  We offer Minimum Order Quantities as low as 500 gummies for 25mg Delta 8 Bulk Gummies (cubes or star shaped), Bulk Full Spectrum CBD Gummy strawberry stars, 10mg Delta 9 THC Gummes (+30mg CBD), or 25mg Watermelon HHC Gummies. We can also provide a custom run of 40,000 gummies with your choice of cannabinoid, strength, shape (cubes or stars), and any flavor.  Hemp Lively is a licensed cannabis infused gummy manufacturer Food Entity #391667.



Pricing discounts for each Tier will automatically be applied to the products in your cart once you reach an amount that exceeds the MOA AFTER THE ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT FOR THAT TIER IS APPLIED. The pricing you’ll see on our site once logged in will always start out in Tier 1 Pricing.  To reach Tier 2 pricing with an MOA of $1,500, you’ll need to get your cart to around $1,820 for the next tier’s pricing to apply and where your cart total remains over the $1,500.  As a good rule, once you reach the next Tier’s MOA, keep adding products until it adjusts back down to just over the MOA, or call us and we’ll advise you of what you need to add. 


If you run into any issues ordering from the website, please give us a call so we can take your order over the phone.


MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities)

We do not have a Minimum Order Quantity on most products.  As a rule, if we sell it as a Hemp Lively Product, then we keep it in stock and there’s no MOQ.  If it’s a product variation that we don’t sell but can make easily without having to make a large batch, then there’s no MOQ.  eg.  You want a 20ct Jar of Delta 8 Gummies 25mg.  Hemp Lively only sells 15ct and 30t but we keep the gummies in stock so we can easily put 20 gummies in the jar no problem.  However, let’s say you order a 900mg Full Spectrum Tincture.  Since we don’t sell that concentration, nor do we keep that solution in stock, then we’d have to formulate a 900mg tincture solution which means we must make at least 500mL, or about 17 bottles.  In which case, you’d have to purchase 17 bottles.  All gummies and skin care on our price sheet we keep in stock so there’s no MOQ on either of those ever.  If you order a gummy variation that we do not keep in stock, the MOQ, whether packaged or bulk, is 40,000 gummies. 


BULK GUMMIES: All bulk gummy orders must be placed in increments of 500 gummies.  For gummies IN STOCK, the MOQ is only 500.  If we have to custom make then, the 40,000 MOQ applies.


**Hemp Lively supports new and growing companies.  We want you to succeed and are here to help you build a successful brand.  As a courtesy, we attempt to remove all possible Minimum Order restrictions.  However, manufacturing, labelling, and lab-testing custom products in small quantities can be significantly more expensive, time consuming, and in some cases, not profitable.  Low minimum order requirements are meant to be used as a stepping stone in the initial stages of growth allowing you to place valuable startup costs towards marketing and sales to get your company to the next growth stage.   We appreciate your understanding that our low minimum order requirements are not meant to be a permanent solution, but simply a gesture of good faith from your new private label partnership with Hemp Lively.   However, for those private label partners that do not move past the bare minimums within a reasonable amount of time, Hemp Lively, at our sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue services, limit or place reasonable minimum order quantities and/or amounts to all orders pending or moving forward.   Should this situation arise, please remember, a successful alternative to Private Label is to purchase in bulk and package the items in-house.  You may also, at any time, transition into a Hemp Lively reseller which will remove all minimum order requirements completely.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we look forward to working with you. 

To your success!  – Hemp Lively –



How do I sign up for at Private Label Account?

  1. Sign up for a Private Label Account by clicking on Private Label – Private Label Registration at the top of our website or by clicking here
  2. Fill out the Registration form. Please include your Corporation/LLC Name and EIN. 
  3. You will be contacted shortly after submitting the form by David McGinnis who will be calling from (850) 299-9624. If you would like to expedite the process, you may call him directly at (850) 848-1118.
  4. Once, you’ve been approved for a Private Label Account, you’ll need to make a list of the products you’ll be ordering. If they are packaged products (not bulk gummies), then you’ll need to provide us with your Label Artwork before we can complete your order.


How do I Order?

Ordering is done by going to our website and in the menu, hover over PRIVATE LABEL, click on PRIVATE LABEL LOG IN.  Log in.  Then go back to the menu and click on Private Label Shop  If you need help ordering, please call (850) 848-1118 or (850) 299-9624


Does my order come with a Label?

Labels are included in the pricing.  There is no discount if you should choose to buy product with no label.  Label Sizes are included in this packet on the Product Packaging Sheets.  Please contact us if you need Label Templates or to utilize one of our graphic designers.


Do you have label templates?

Yes.  Contact us at (850) 299-9624


Where can I find the COA for the product?

Updated COAs can usually be found by clicking on COAs in the menu on our website.  If you cannot find the COA for your product, simply contact us and we’ll send it over immediately.


Do you have a return policy?

If there is a manufacturing issue on any Private Labelled products, of course we’ll take care of it.  We stand behind everything we make. Private Label are FOB (Freight on Board) from Niceville, FL and require a customer inspection upon arrival.  We warranty all products from manufacturers defects and stand by our Food Safety & Quality Assurance Plan.  However, since Private Labelled products are branded with your labels and cannot be resold, there are no returns or exchanges if you change your mind after an order has left our facility.  Please plan your orders carefully.  We do not require any Minimum Order Quantities on most products so you can start small if you need to.