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Hemp and Melatonin for better sleep

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to improve the quality of your Sleep?

It’s no secret that sleep deprivation is a serious problem in today’s culture, even though we all know how important it is to our health and quality of life. Yet more and more Americans consider themselves fortunate if they get 6 hours of sleep, rather than the recommended 7-9.

According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder. And while the cause is sometimes a relevant condition like anxiety or insomnia, a lack of sleep may come from a number of different causes.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, it’s usually a good idea to visit your doctor. However, we frequently toss and turn because of little things, and for some of us, a small change can make all the difference.

Here are some suggestions for a better night’s sleep:

Consider Taking Melatonin Before Bed

Melatonin serves as a regulator of the body’s circadian rhythm, which tells you when it’s time to eat, sleep, and wake up.

The scientific name for this hormone is melatonin, which means “sleep hormone”. When it’s time to sleep, our brains create more of it.

To maintain optimal melatonin levels, avoid things that hinder it. Alcohol consumption, blue light exposure, and caffeine ingestion might all reduce melatonin synthesis, resulting in another sleepless night.

Furthermore, we may improve our melatonin levels by taking a melatonin supplement, as previously stated.

It’s typically advised that you take melatonin at least 2 hours before going to bed, and that you use reduced dosages as often as possible.

The combination of melatonin with Whole Plant Hemp Gummies may make it even more efficient.

Hemp Oil (CBD) and Melatonin for Sleep: The Science Behind the Benefits

Hemp oil and melatonin work in different ways, but they may be used as a pair to enhance effectiveness.

Melatonin tells your brain that it’s time to go to bed, while hemp oil sends messages to the brain that help you sleep.

Hemp gummies, are an ideal choice after a long day when you’re searching for a great, high-quality-sleep. These gummies include hemp-derived cannabinoids and when combined with some melatonin they make a powerful combination. Or you can try our Whole Plant Hemp Oil instead which comes in several tasty flavors including; Natural (unflavored), cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon.


Taking CBD Oil With Melatonin

Exercising During the Day

There are a variety of advantages to exercise, and a better night’s sleep might be among them.  Consistently active people may have a lower risk of sleep-related problems, according to studies. It can also improve your general quality of sleep. Research has also shown that lack of sleep has an unfavorable impact on daily physical activity.

This is to say that sleep and exercise have a synergistic relationship, and whether it’s a 5-mile run or a 30-minute stroll, getting more activity will help you sleep better at night.  And with a good night’s sleep and your body craving nutrients (aka breakfast) to recover in the morning, you’ll pop out of bed bright and early.

Make Your Sleep Comfortable with the Right Pillow

If you’ve ever awakened the next morning with a kink in your neck, you’re probably not wrong when you say you “slept funny.”

Sleeping on the wrong pillow, or using one that isn’t adequate enough, will reduce your sleep quality significantly. This is why knowing what type of pillow to buy is so important.

You may use any type of pillow to provide support while resting, but using the incorrect one might cause your spine to curve and twist. You can now purchase a pillow that fits all sleeping postures, thanks to improved ergonomics. Make sure the cushion supports your neck and head in addition to your shoulders, if you sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side, make certain you use a pillow that maintains a neutral head position.

Back Sleeper Pillow

Escape the Blue Light

It might be the case that you toss and turn every night because you’ve been binge-watching your favorite program before going to sleep.

Screens, particularly computer screens, emit blue light, which is naturally present in sunlight and helps signal to our brains that it’s time to wake up. And when we’re exposed to blue light in the evening, it might mess with our internal clocks.

Avoid bright screens at least an hour before bed. However, if watching your favorite show with your significant other is important to your evening unwinding, dim the brightness and set your gadget to night mode. Blue light glasses can also be beneficial.

Final Thoughts

The power of habit can help you improve your sleep.  Whether it’s going for a walk, adding some new pillows to the bed, using hemp oil on a daily basis, it’s critical to establish a bedtime routine and do it with purpose.