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Dali ART Exhibition in museum

Found: Salvador Dalí’s lost Cannabis Paintings

The Lost Salvador Dali Cannabis Art Collection

Salvador Dali, the Spanish artist, was known for his surreal paintings. Dali was a master of his craft and produced some of the most iconic paintings of our time. Some say that he may have been influenced by cannabis. Whether this was true or not was up for debate, until now. It’s been reported that recently, a hidden Spanish vault was uncovered and inside were Dali’s lost Cannabis Paintings.


Why were they hidden away for so long?

The answer may never be fully known, but it’s believed that Dali was worried about how the paintings would be received. In a time when cannabis was seen as a dangerous drug, Dali may have thought that his paintings would be met with criticism or even mockery. But now, these lost paintings are finally seeing the light of day.

Salvador Dali Cannabis Art on Wall 00
Dali Painting hanging on wall

What impact will the discovery of these paintings have on the art world and on Dali’s legacy?

Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure: the lost Cannabis Paintings are a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a genius.

Did Dali’ every speak of cannabis use?

During that time period, there were no laws and drugs were openly used, especially in the art community. However, they did still carry a negative stigma to some. Thus, some people kept private about their personal use, including Dali. Dali did state that he tried smoking cannabis once and “thought is was wonderful”. Some claimed he used hashish on a regular basis and others speculate it must have been LSD or mushrooms.

Dali Art Collection Framed on wall 01

Dali Painting in white frame









How do we know that these paintings were created by Dali himself and not just some copycats?

It is most certain, these pieces of art were not made by another painter. If in fact they are authentic Dali paintings, then he was the only painter in that period, or any other for that matter, with this unique style and imagination. However, further tests will be done to authenticate these masterpieces. “We shall have the results withing a few weeks.”, said the authenticator.

What do these Dali Cannabis Paintings look like?

The paintings are said to be surrealistic, in keeping with Dali’s style. They feature bright colors and dream-like images. Here is a sneak preview of the collection, seen online for the first time ever.

Salvador Dali Cannabis 00
2 Dali Paintings on Museum Dark Wall

dali painting in ANTIQUE frame

Dali Art Collection Framed on wall 02








The lost Salvador Dali Cannabis



The truth about this new Cannabis Dali Collection

I hope you’ve had fun reading this article and looking at some amazing new artwork. These paintings were not painted by Dali himself. In fact, they were not painted by anyone.

How is that possible?

If they weren’t painted by Dali or another painter, how were they made you ask? These paintings were made in a matter of SECONDS on my computer. In fact, all 40 images took less than 5 minutes to make. This was done through a company called Jasper.ai, who’s next generation of AI (artificial intelligence) content creation has recently launched AI Art Generation software.

Jasper, formerly Jarvis.ai, and before that Conversion.ai, is an online technology platform where you can type in simple ideas and commands and it will write thousands of words, entire blogs, and more. Now, you can also generate unique pieces of artwork by typing the word cannabis and selecting the style of Salvador Dali and it generates unique digital masterpieces in real time.

Salvador Dali Cannabis 58


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Salvador Dali and how cannabis may have influenced some of his art. How much? We’ll never know. But, his artwork lives on and even though computers can now paint like him in seconds, it will never replace seeing the real Dali masterpieces in person. If you’ve never been to the Salvador Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg, FL, I’d highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. And for those of you, interested in learning more about Jasper, please visit their site jasper.ai.

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