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CBD for dogs

CBD For Dogs?

6 things you should know about CBD for dogs:

As an owner of two amazing mini-schnauzers, I cannot stress that a dogs happiness and safety are extremely important.  That’s why we’ve made an all natural, CBD rich hemp oil for dogs using the same two ingredients we use in our regular Whole Plant Hemp Oil: whole plant hemp extract and MCT Oil (coconut oil).  There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring in our Pet oil.  Dog’s love it!


Whole Plant Hemp Oil for dogs

🦴 Pet Safe:  Safe for dogs, cats, horses, & more.
🦴 All natural Hemp Extract & MCT (coconut) Oil
🦴 No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors
🦴 100+ phytocannabinoids: CBD, CBD, etc.
🦴 Terpene Rich Hemp Oil
🦴 Lab formulated and 3rd Party Lab Tested
🦴 Free of Pesticides, Microbials, Heavy Metals & Residual Solvents.

1. Hemp Oil for Calming Dogs

If you’ve ever stayed home with your pet on the 4th of July and watched how your dog reacts when the fireworks pop, then you know stress can be very harmful to animals.  What we tend to forget is that dog’s are very sensitive.  They have extremely sensitive hearing, about 4 times as sensitive as humans and they can also hear much higher frequencies than we can.  They also rely on us for food, so when we leave home for long periods of time, dogs get worried.  They can also be stressed out by changing their daily schedule, by eating new foods,  smelling a new dog in the neighborhood blocks away, and countless other things.

Dogs that experience extreme stress can literally make themselves ill to the point of hospitalization.  If you’ve ever had to pay the emergency vet bill at the nighttime animal hospital, then I’m sure you’ll want to avoid this at all costs.

Calm Dog


How can hemp oil help my dog with stress?

When it comes to stress, here’s how small, I repeat SMALL, amounts of a good hemp extract can help our four-legged family members.   This also applies to humans and anxiety.

Hemp Lively’s Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Pets contains CBD plus over 100 other naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and very small amounts of THC (<0.3%).   The majority is CBD which is considered non-psychoactive (it doesn’t get you high).  However, a portion of the minor cannabinoids and a few of the major cannabinoids such as Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are psychoactive.  Psychoactive cannabinoids will get you high if you take enough of them.  In our whole plant hemp oil, there is a very, very small amount, not enough to get you high or feel anything immediately for that matter.  So, how does it help with stress then?

Two things to remember.

  1. Dogs are smaller than humans and therefor do not need the same dose we take.  (keep reading for doggy dosage instructions).  If you give your dog too much of any cannabis product you will get them high and stress them out with a feeling they are not used to.  It can be scary for them.
  2. Each cannabinoid has a different half life.  A half life is the amount of time it takes for the body (human or dog) to get rid of half of what you took.  CBD for example has a 2 day half life so most of it is in and our of your system in about 4 days.  Most types of THC on the other hand have a 14 day half life and stay in your system about a month.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  That means that if you’re taking a hemp oil every day or giving it to your dog every day, then those small amount of THC build up in your pets body over a months time.  The small doses (if dosed properly) are not enough to cause intoxication.   But after taking it daily for a month, the levels in your pets body have risen to an ample amount.  Since you let their body slowly build up to this level, they don’t notice the high levels of the depressant that is now in their body.  But when stress comes, your animal will not be nearly as agitated as usual because they now have a barrier built up as a defense for the anxiety they normally would experience, but no longer do.

Dog in pain

2. Pet pain relief with hemp oil

Not all pain can be reduced through a hemp product.  In fact, most hemp and CBD products do nothing for pain, they do something much better.  Hemp Oil, when taken for your pet’s aches and pains, does not mask pain like pain killers do.  Instead, CBD and a large number of other cannabinoids, targeting inflammation, which in most cases is the cause of achy joints.

How does it work?  Dr. McGrath thinks that “CBD stimulates descending serotonin and vanilloid receptors in the nervous system, which could explain its effectiveness in treating arthritis and other similar conditions,” says Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a veterinarian who is also pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology.

I’ve personally seen older dogs that start a daily routine start moving around like they were 3-4 years younger.


Whole Plant Hemp Oil Pet Dosage Chart




3. Give your dog the correct daily dose of Hemp Oil

Hemp Lively loves dogs and would never do anything to hurt our little ones.  It’s very important to follow the dosage chart and not overdo anything you plan to give your dog.  Giving your dog the correct dosage is imperative.

Hemp Lively’s Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Dogs comes in 3 strengths: 300mg (10mg/mL), 600mg (20mg/mL), and 1200mg (40mg/mL).  The proper dose for a dog is approximately 1.5-2 mg of CBD per 10lbs.  Here are the correct daily doses to give your pet using our Whole Plant Hemp Oil.




4. Doggy Dreaming

Does your dog need a good night sleep?  Is something bothering your little one and they’re discomfort or noises keep waking them up throughout the night.  This may help.  As described in our section on stress, the cannabinoids in hemp give both humans and dogs a drool filled pillow without the groggy hangover.  Wake up feeling like a champ, ready to play some fetch and hang out all day.


5. Dogs love the taste of Hemp Oil

Believe it or not, dogs love the taste of hemp oil, among other things.  I mean let’s not sugar coat it, my dog loves the taste of poop for gosh sake.   Ugh.  To give your dog their daily dose of Whole Plant Hemp Oil for Pets, simply measure out the correct amount and drop it on their food at feeding time.  They’ll love you for it.


6. Safety first

Endocannabinoid system of dog

Every dog is different and like humans, some do have strange reactions to common things.  As a good practice, when giving hemp oil, or anything for that matter, to your dog for the first time, monitor them the first few days to make sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary.  Hemp Oil is simply hemp extract and MCT (coconut) oil so I’m probably being an over precautious dad.  But, never-the-less it’s always a good practice.

There are, however, times when you should not give you’re pet hemp oil and other times when you should check with your vet first.

When to not give your pet Hemp Oil or CBD?

Remember, CBD has some amazing anti-inflammatory effects and not all inflammation is bad.  The last thing you want to do is reduce inflammation that is helping you heal.  One of these occurrences is after surgery.  Inflammation is good after surgery so your should always stop giving your dog any CBD product a few weeks before you have surgery if at all possibly.  If an emergency surgery arises, remember to tell your vet that your give a CBD product to your dog daily.

When to check with your Vet prior to giving CBD to your dog?

If you’re dog is on any medications, check with your vet first to make sure there are not drug interactions.  The concentration of some medications can be increase or decrease when adding CBD into the mix.  “CBD can inhibit metabolism of some drugs through the enzyme CYP450 3A4, which means it could increase the concentration and levels of other drugs your pet is taking,” Dr. McGrath says.  Better safe than sorry I say!


Whole Plant Hemp Oil can be very beneficial for pets, especially as they get older.  Whether they have some aches and pains, stress or anxiety, or just need a good night sleep, hemp oil may be worth trying out.  Your dog will thank you!  If you have any questions about our Pet Oil or any other Hemp Lively product, give us a call anytime.  (850) 299-9624