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How are CBD Gummies made?

10 Steps to manufacture CBD gummies in bulk using commercial gummy manufacturing equipment.


Here is our multistep hemp gummy manufacturing process.

  1. Measuring all ingredients
  2. Heating and Liquifying the CBD Distillate
  3. Blooming the Gelatin (or Pectin)
  4. Smelting the sugar mixture
  5. Combining the Sugar, Gelatin, CBD, and other ingredients into a large mixer
  6. Mixture is checked for PH and Bricks
  7. Depositing the CBD Gummy Mixture into the gummy molds
  8. 3 Runs through the Cooling Chamber
  9. Gummies are then placed on Drying Racks for 3-5 days.
  10. Once gummies are dry, they are bagged and packaged for shipment.

Hemp Lively Gummy Manufacturing Video

What you will see on this video are 4 large vats that heat the sugar, gelatin and/or pectin in another, then combine them with other ingredients and extracts, all happenning at over 200 degrees.  The final mixture is then transferred to the depositer where the batter is then deposited into the gummy molds.  

Our gummy line has 246 molds, each holding 20 gummies.  Once the batter is deposited into the gummy molds, it then travels about 50 feet through a cooling tunnel.  The molds then flip upside down and head back through the cooling tunnel back towards the depositer. 

Once the cooled gummies reach the starting line near the depositing area, the semi-cooled gummies are then pushed out of the molds and onto a conveyer belt for a third and final trip back through the cooling tank.

Once the gummies reach the end of the conveyer belt, they fall onto trays.  As each tray fills, it it placed on a cooling rack.  Once each rack is filled with trays, the rack is then transported to the drying room, where it will stay for the next few days.  

Each batch of gummies is inspected to ensure proper ph and moisture levels.  Then samples from the beginning, middle, and end of the batch are sent off for lab testing.  

Pending the batch passes their potency tests falling within a small margin from the targeted strength, they are then bagged in 500ct bags to either be sold as bulk hemp gummies for sale, or be used later to be packaged into finished Hemp Lively or Private Labelled gummy products.

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