Hemp Lively Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Hemp Lively Affiliate Program.  We pay 45% Affiliate Commissions on ALL retail referrals with a 1 Year Cookie, the Highest Hemp Company Affiliate Program on the market today!  You can also earn commissions for Wholesale, Distributor & Affiliate Referrals.  We’ll even provide you with coupons to use with no effect to your commissions.
How can we do this?  Very simple.  There’s no middle man.  Hemp Lively is a Seed to Sale company.  We grow hemp in Colorado and manufacture all of our products in our 14,000 sf facility in Niceville, FL.  Let us put our savings into your pocket!
Hemp Lively Affiliate Program

To Become an Affiliate…

Hemp Lively strives on our good reputation and compliance within the industry.   From Seed to Sale, Quality is our #1 priority and Affiliates are no different.  Hemp Lively invites honest and ethical Affiliate Marketers and Influencers to become part of our team.  In return, we will provide you with Quality Hemp Products that customers are raving about and return every month, a 1 Year Tracking Cookie, Low minimum payout and 6 Different ways to earn up to 45% Affiliate Commissions: Retail Customers 45%, Subscriptions 30%, Wholesale 10%, Distributors 10%, Private Label 10% and other Affiliates $10*.  PLUS we’ll start you off with a $20 Sign up Bonus!  Below is a list of some of the qualities we are looking for.


  • Professional look with well-written content
  • Must not give any sort of Medical Advice.
  • Must include our disclaimer in the Footer
  • Subscriber lists must be emailed regularly

Social Media Influencers:

  • Must have at least 1,000 followers
  • Must post regularly & consistently
  • Must not give medical advice
  • Content must be well written

Commissions & Payouts

We have over 300 different products for you to market and 6 different ways to get paid!
Online Retail Customers (45%)
Subscription Customers (30%)
Affiliate Referrals* ($10)
Wholesale & Distributors  (10%)
Private Label Customers (10%)
Cookie Duration:  1 Year
Coupons: 10%-25% off Retail Referrals
(to be used at your discretion)
Minimum Payout:  Only $200
Plus a $20 SIGN UP BONUS


Hemp Oil 101

STEP 1 – Quick Registration

You will be instantly approved and can begin promoting Hemp Lively and earning big commissions right away!  During the first week, we will reach out to you with any additional info we need and review your advertising channels.  If any ads violate our advertising policy, you your account with be immediately paused until you have corrected the issue.  For a list of prohibited marketing practices and a list of required and violating statements, please see below.

STEP 2 – Log In & Setup

  1. PAYOUT – Go to the Settings Tab and fill out the PROFILE SETTINGS, PAYOUT BILLING DATA and PAYOUT STATEMENT DATA sections.
  2. REGISTER YOUR MARKETING CHANNELS – Go to the Direct Links Tab and submit for approval your Website and Social Media Pages you will be advertising on.  If approved, a direct link will be added to your account so ALL of your referrals from that url will be credited to you.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT google.com, facebook.com, etc.  It has to me your specific Webpage or Personal Social Media Page.


STEP 3 – Start Marketing

  1. TRACKING URLs – Go to the Affiliate URLs tab.  At the top a permanent Referral URL is already created.  Below you will find a URL Generator which can go to any page you’d like. eg. Wholesale Signup.  Create your first custom URL.
  2. SOCIAL SHARING AUTO POST – As soon as a custom URL is created, several social media share buttons will appear at the bottom so you can easily share your link on your facebook page, twitter and linkedin!
  3. CREATIVES – Go to the Creatives Tab.  There you will find images, banners and more to use.  If you’d like a custom creative to be made, please click on the chat button at the bottom right of the screen and send us your request.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, call us at (850) 299-9624
Click on the circle at the bottom right corner to send us a message.

Affiliates subject to all Terms and Conditions.  Hemp Lively reserves the right to cancel any affiliate that violates any of these policies.
*To qualify for the Affiliate Referral Sign Up Bonus, the referred Affiliate must have at least $200 in sales.
Paid Ads, including but not limited to, Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn must be approved by Hemp Lively prior to posting.Advertising Content of any kind must not give any sort of medical advise or medical claim. FDA Guidelines do not allow claims that Hemp Products can treat complex chronic health conditions, illnesses, or ailments.These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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