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Melted Hemp Gummies: Tips, Tricks, Science, & Solutions

Even when made correctly, every gummy has a melting point.  Amid a record-breaking summer, melted gummies can happen even when we take the proper precautions like ice packs and coolers.  During summer in several states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas, we need your help to make sure this doesn’t happen.   Read on to learn more about what we do to prevent melting, what you can do to prevent melting, and what to do if your gummies melt (and you still want to eat some) lol. 

Why do gummies melt?

Gummies are made with gelatin which holds water molecules in place.  When temperature rises, molecules get excited and start moving around.  Thus, eventually breaking these bonds between gelatin and water and turning this giggly mass back into liquid.


Tips to Avoid Melted Gummies

Order Tracking Email

Check the tracking on your order.  A tracking number will be emailed to you once we print the label which will be the same day we ship.  However, USPS and FedEx usually won’t update and expected delivery date until they’ve scanned it in at their facility later that evening or early the next morning.  

As a good rule of thumb, check the tracking on your order the day after you receive the order completed notification and try to pick them up as quick as possible from the time they get delivered. 


SMS Notifications

You will also receive an Order Completed notification via SMS if you use a mobile number as your Billing Phone Number when ordering.  This notification will tell you your Order is Complete and will ship today.


Know the difference between FedEx and USPS 

USPS (United States Postal Service)

USPS packages will end up in your mailbox.  MAILBOXES ARE LIKE LITTLE OVENS, especially if they are metal.  So, time is of the essence when it’s hot outside in a mailbox.  

USPS Priority Shipping usually takes 3 days.  Sometimes 1-2 if you live close to our facility or in a major metropolitan area with a USPS Distribution Center.  


FedEx packages will end up on your doorstep which may or may not shaded or hot.   

Most of our FedEx shipments will be sent FedEx 2-day shipping (if available in your area)


More Tips to Avoid Melted Gummies:

If you’ve ordered from us before, make a mental note of how many days it took to arrive from the time you received your Order Completed notification.  Please make the necessary adjustments for Sundays which neither USPS nor FedEx delivers on.   Plan your next order around a delivery date when someone will be there to get the mail or pick up the package from your doorstep. 

If you’d prefer FedEx to your doorstep over USPS in your mailbox, or vice versa, PLEASE PUT YOUR REQUEST IN YOUR ORDER NOTES.   Simply type “PLEASE SEND 2-DAY FED EX, MAILBOX GET’S HOT” OR “FEDEX TO MY DOORSTEP PLEASE “

Existing Preventative Measures

We don’t expect all the responsibility to fall to you, the customer.  There are several preventative measures that we take to get your gummies to you in good gummy shape.  Here’s what we do on our end:

  • During Summer Months, we do not ship any orders containing gummies on Fridays to avoid an extra day in transit.  
  • All gummy orders are packed in either a small (or large) Styrofoam cooler or in a thermal insulated bag.  These bags buy us time and hold temperature inside the bag for an extended period.  
  • Small Frozen Cooling Packs are put inside either the cooler or the insulated packs.



How Hemp Lively Handles Melted Gummies for our customers.

If your retail order of gummies shows up melted, please contact us within 24 hours of the delivery date and we will send you a replacement order.  You will need to send us a picture of the melted gummies.  We may or may not have you send them back.  After the first time this happens, we handle that on a case-by-case basis.  If this happens multiple times, because you live in an inferno or simply can’t be there to get the mail in a reasonable amount of time, and we do agree to send you another one, we will need a different address to send it to where someone will be there to get the gummies.  We will not keep sending gummies expecting a different result.  

How to remold or portion out melted hemp gummies?

If you get to keep the melted gummies, here’s a few tips if you want to still eat them or remold them.


Our Whole Plant Hemp, Delta 8 THC, and HHC gummies weigh about 2.5g. 

Our Delta 9 Gummies are 3.6g.

Therefore, if you want to simply cut off a piece of melted gummy and eat it, you need to weigh it first to make sure you are not eating a bigger serving size, especially for delta 8.  You can get a digital scale for about $13 from Amazon.  Make sure the scale is accurate to 0.01g.

Remolding Gummies can only happen if you can first get the melted mass out of the jar.  Do not cut the plastic jar as you risk the danger of pieces of plastic then melting into the gummies.  If you do decide to remold the gummies, simply place the mass in a very small, nonstick pan on low heat until is liquifies.  Immediately pour the liquified gummy mixture into a mold.  Then before you eat one, you need to figure out how strong they are.  You can do this in one of two ways. 



If you remold them using your own molds (and end up with a different number of gummies) to calculate the new strength per gummy – Take the number of gummies in the original package.  E.g., 30ct = 30.  Then take the number of gummies you made using your molds.  Let’s say you made them larger and only ended up with 15 new gummies from the melted 30.  The gummies you purchased were 25mg/gummy.  Here’s the math.


# of Hemp Lively Gummies Melted original mg/gummy  # of gummies made with new Molds 🟰 New gummy strength mg/gummy


In the example above you’d have 

30 Hemp Lively Melted gummies 25mg/gummy 15 New gummies made 🟰 New gummy strength of 50mg/gummy



Calculate Strength per gummy (in new molds with different count) by weighing each gummy. – Let’s say you remold the gummies OR IF YOU TEAR OFF A CHUNK OF THE MELTED GLOB.  To calculate the new strength of your gummy or chunk of melted glob, use this formula.


Weight of the New Gummy or Chunk of Melted Glob you tore off original Strength (mg) per gummy weight of the original gummy (2.5g Delta 8, HHC, Whole Plant or 3.6g Delta 9) 🟰 Strength of your new gummy (mg)

E.g. Tear off a piece of melted gummy blob that weighs 5g  25mg per gummy Delta 8 2.5g original weight 🟰 new strength of 50mg/gummy



Other Options

For all Whole Plant or Delta 8 products, we also sell them in a tincture form or Delta 8 Vape, both of which do not melt.


Safety Tips

Always store your gummies, (melted or not) in a safe place away from children.

If you do remold the gummies, place them back in the properly labelled jar they came in so they are not to be confused with Candy.   

Never arbitrarily ingest a piece of melted delta 8 gummies without first weighing the piece to make sure you are not taking more than 25mg or a 2.5g piece.  

Do not exceed 25mg of Delta 8 gummies in a 4-hour period.  

Delta 8 is psychoactive and causes drowsiness.  Do not operate heavy machinery within 12 hours from taking delta 8.  This includes driving cars, motorcycles, or any other type of motorized vehicle.  You should also not use light machinery such as bicycles, skateboards, or put yourself on, in, or around these types of moving objects.  For example, don’t go for a walk, even on a sidewalk, where there are cars driving near you.  



Simply put, stay at home, stay safe, be responsible, look up your order’s tracking to get your delivery date, and check your mail.  If you need to reach us, simply log into your Hemp Lively account and open a support ticket or use the Chat Feature to either chat or leave us a message.  You can also reach us at (850) 299-9624 during normal business hours.  From all of us at Hemp Lively, stay safe and thanks for reading.